“Exciting facts about supernova”

Supernova is the largest explosion of a star that can take place in universe. It occurs when there is a change in core of a star. This change occurs in 2 ways:

i. 1st type occurs in ‘binary star systems’ . “Binary stars” are 2 stars that orbit the same point, of which one of the stars is a carbon-oxygen ‘white dwarf’ (a star near the end of its life that has used most of its fuel and collapsed to a size near about that of earth) that steals matter from its companion star , as a result of which it accumulates too much of matter, thus causing explosion and this is called as supernova.

ii. The 2nd type occurs at the end of the life of a single star which happens when a star runs out of its nuclear fuel. When this happens,some of its mass flows into its core ,as a result of which the core so becomes heavy that it cant withstand its own gravitational force (that occurs due to high mass of the core) and collapses , resulting in giant explosion called ‘supernova’.

Our sun is also a star but its core is not heavy enough to become a supernova.

Supernova occurs for a very short period of time but reveal many things about the universe , like we live in an ever-expanding universe. Supernovas play an important role in distributing elements throughout the universe as it shoots debris and other elements on explosion.