Accessories to Carry While Going Off Roading

India has some wonderful terrains for off-roading lovers like the Himalayan trails, white rugged sands in the Rann of Kutch, or the high-altitude desert of Ladakh. The increase in number of ATVs purchased every year is a clear indication that more and more people are taking off-roading seriously. Read on to know about some accessories that must be carried to off roading adventure trips.

You might love your all-terrain vehicle so much that you want to cruise it alone on the rough Indian terrain. It is true that few other things can give the adrenaline rush which comes from being in control of a rough vehicle like a Polaris Phoenix 200 or a Polaris RZR XP 1000 EPS in India exploring raw nature. However, you always need to be prepared well. Nobody really wants to be stuck in the middle of nowhere without any means of help.

Here are some accessories that you would make your trip safer.

Fire Extinguisher: Install an EPA approved fire extinguisher because you don’t want your beautiful vehicle to become victim to a fire accident.

Hi-Lift Jack: Off road vehicles need special jacks with broad bases that can be easily used. So, carry a hi-lift jack to easily fix tires.

Roll-Cage: A roll cage is crucial to protect passengers in cases of roll-over accidents which are very possible in rocky terrain.

Lockers: To maintain an even balance on all the four wheels, install a locker that will distribute power from the drive train to every wheel.

Jumper Cables: They are electric cables that attach two vehicles and they are very important to tow your vehicle if it breaks down.

GPS: A GPS device will make sure you always have directions to get back on track.

Flashlight: Besides helping in finding things in the dark, it can also be used as a signal in the night by flashing it upwards. Make sure you carry extra batteries or power banks.

Shovel: It is a simple tool but very helpful if your vehicle gets stuck in mud.

Work Gloves: Protect your hands from abrasion while handling metal gear. Of all things, you don’t want to be injured and make things even more difficult.

Dry Bags: Keep your food and medical supplies safe in dry bag because you never know when you get stuck in rain.

These are some basic accessories that will take care of the “management” part of your trip and allow you take in the raw beauty of nature. When you have the assurance that your tools will be able to help you deal with whatever comes, your mind is freer to enjoy the rough ride.

Off-roading enthusiasts have interesting stories to tell about the times they used random things to chart a way out of trouble. Do you have a story? We’ll love to hear.

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