How to Choose Your First ATV?

If you’re an adventure sports enthusiast and love the outdoors, then off-roading is something you should definitely experience. In India, off-roading is a very niche adventure sport owing to the huge investments required in buying the All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) and supporting accessories that are specially designed for it. But, for those who can afford it and haven’t experienced the thrill yet, this is something to definitely look out for.

For a beginner, choosing an ATV suitable for himself/ herself can be a daunting task. This is not only because of the multiple kinds of models available in ATVs but also because choosing an ATV that’s more powerful that what one can handle, can turn out to be hazardous.

4 Wheeler Always Better for Beginners

To begin with, it’s always safe to begin with a four wheeler rather than a dirt bike, which can be potentially dangerous for someone who is not used to riding on unpaved terrain. Besides, beginning with a four wheeler ATV can help riding these dirt machines easier and drastically reduce the overall learning curve. If you’ve ridden bicycles in the past, it will help you get comfortable with these machines much faster.

Age & Experience Matters

Next, it’s important to buy an ATV that’s been made for your age and experience in riding these machines. Again, if you’ve gotten a family with kids you will not be using the same ATV as you would if you were riding one with your group of friends. If your kids want to relish the experince of riding these dirt machines, there are sepecial ATVs manufactured for them too. Ranging from 50–70 cc, these ATVs are designed with simple controls and single speeds.

Another thing to consider here is the kind of terrain you’ll be using the ATVs in. There are special ATVs designed for hunting, work or farming, motor-cross racing, trail riding, etc. The engine size also needs to be taken into consideration here. The engine recommendations for different age groups are as follows:

  1. 70 cc & Below — For 11 years old and below
  2. 70 cc — 90 cc — For 12–15 years old
  3. 125 cc — 250 cc — Mostly beginners, teens & adults
  4. 250 cc & Above — Intermediate and advanced riders

Note here that the above parameters are merely guidelines and recommendations and can vary from user to user. For instance, for a teenager who has prior experience in riding adult ATVs, a 90cc ATV may become boring. Again, for a beginner who is of average to very good build and can handle a 250cc ATV, buying a 125 cc may not be a good idea. Hence, the bottom line for choosing an appropriate ATV is finding one that you’ll be comfortable riding and balancing.

How did you choose your first ATV? Share your opinions and experiences with us in the comments below. And, to buy ATV in India, browse through the wide range of Polaris ATVs only at Polaris India.

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