The Compact Bar Equipment Guide

Opening a bar requires some basic accessories that allow swift preparation of drinks and safe storage of beverages. The guide lists the most important articles you will have to buy or rent to get your bar started.

If you are thinking of opening a commercial bar, you will need some essential equipment besides, of course, a collection of various drinks and some skilled bartenders.

Compact Bar with Complete Essential Accessories

Here is a list of the basic stuff you require to get your bar started:


Bar Cooler

Bar coolers are small refrigerators that can easily fit under countertops and are used to store beverages and ice, making it very convenient for the bartender to pick up ingredients for mixing. If the cooler has a glass door unit, it can also be used to display your best merchandise.


3 Compartment Sink for Bar

No commercial bar can function without a sink as it provides the space to wash, rinse, and sanitize glassware for serving drinks. Ideally, you are required to buy a three-compartment sink; however, check the space availability and make the best you can.

Glassware and Tableware:

Glassware & Tableware for Bar

Choosing the right glassware for your bar requires a keen knowledge of the clientele and the kind of drinks you will be serving. A brew pub owner will more likely stick to a variety of beer glasses while a wine bar operator will have to choose wine glasses with differing stems and diameters for the variety of wines he will be serving. You would also need to buy beverage trays to move drinks around.

Cocktail Shakers:

Bar Cocktail Shaker by Arttdinox

Some drinks need to be shaken up for their full taste to be released. And then there are several cocktail recipes that ask for the mix to be shaken up thoroughly. Cocktail shakers are therefore the indispensable apparatus for the bartender. They come in different styles like the Boston shaker that has a single tin with a durable mixing glass and the three-piece set that has a container, a small cup or lid, and an ice strainer. You can visit Arttdinox to buy unique Cocktail Shakers online.

Speed Rails:

Bar Speed Rails

They make storing bottles and mixers easy and allow the bartender convenience to pick up stuff. They come in single as well as multiple tiers. So, choose according to how many bottles you would need to store.

Bar Caddy:

Bar Caddy

Another storage device, but for other accessories like condiment servers, cocktail napkins, toothpicks, and other bar accessories. They are available in plastic and wood and you can choose one according to the bar’s décor. They make it handy for the bartender to pick up napkins and toothpicks as guests seat themselves for a drink.

Service Mats:

Bar Service Mats

These are rubbery mats that keep the surface of the countertops from getting slippery with constant use of ice and liquids. The grooves between the mats let liquid seep inside it and thus it doesn’t collect and pool on the tops. Clean surfaces reduce spillage and accidents and also help to keep the countertop gleaming for long.

Glass Washers:

Bar Glass Washers

There are manual washers as well as electric washers that can be installed in the backroom of the bar and make handling of used glasses very fast and easy.

So, these were the essential equipments that a commercial bar requires to start functioning. As customers start pouring in and your bar dances in success, upgrade to better equipments and accessories.

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