Top 6 Reputed Modular Kitchen Brands in India

Modular kitchens are very much in demand right now. Whether one looks at commercial or home kitchens, the idea of having modular kitchens installed is gaining substantial popularity. There are multiple reasons that one opts for the modular style including efficiency of storage as well as the help it lends in staying organized.

The designs, the synergy that it brings to the kitchen as well as the elegance it lends to your home or culinary establishment is unparalleled. There a wide variety of sleek designs that manufacturers and suppliers can offer you out in the market.

L Shaped Modular KItchen by Arttdinox

There are also a range of top players in this field with quite a competition revved up amidst them. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest brands in modular kitchen manufacturing:


From the house of Jindal Steel, Arttdinox is one of the premium brands when it comes to stainless steel l shaped modular kitchen manufacturers. Through the years of business, they have not only garnered an incorrigible repute but also an extensive list of satisfied patrons.

They manufacture a wide variety of modular kitchens with quality and innovation being their prime concerns. Arttdinox is also a trusted manufacturer of matching appliance design for your modular kitchen.


Another company offering one of the best designs for modular kitchens in India is the German brand, Haecker. Like Arttdinox, they too have the most modifiable and customizable modular sets which lend a very edgy look for your carefully thought out kitchen.

They too, are a growing brand who have established a customer base in India for a wide variety of reasons including the promise of excellence. Haecker cashes in on the trust we place in German brands for their avant-garde designs.


Hafele is another name for a range of fittings for your home from furniture to kitchen fittings. They are your one stop shop for interior design but let’s give them a closer look as l shaped modular kitchen manufacturers who have optimized their years of experience in the interior business to provide the customers with their money’s worth on each purchase.

They, alike all the other leading names in this business, offer customizable products at reasonable prices.


Calling themselves one of India’s leading modular kitchen specialists, Sleek has claimed to have combined the need for aesthetics while still fulfilling the purpose of being a highly functional kitchen.

Sleek Kitchen promises to lend the heart of your home, the kitchen the personalized touch that you aspire to bring with elegance being one of the priorities.

Veneta Cucine:

Veneta Cucine is another brand that has established their base in India and has on offer a wide variety of kitchen designs and essentials ranging from modern to classic depending upon the individual’s taste and choice.

The US based brand brings their patrons the best in luxury Italian modular kitchen designs from cabinets and drawers to workstations.

So, when it comes to L shaped modular kitchen manufacturers, these brands are the best with brands like Arttdinox offering competitive stainless steel modular kitchen prices and beautiful designs for the home and commercial kitchen.

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