Heart Of Nature !!

It was a Sunday morning, enjoying a warm cup of coffee I opened my front door. I saw a huge pile of snow from last night .It was my first snow in US. Certainly nature has its grammar, there is no mystery about it.I was so happy to see kids play in the snow, building snowman with their tiny hands. It is complex for us to understand how nature works so mysteriously .

“As for the infinite of the nature ,the magic of her is to be found in nature herself, It also resides in the imagination of the person who looks at her”.

It made me forget everything and the next moment I was a child again, playing with them, like one of them. Nature has good intentions of course but she cant carry them out. When I look at landscape I cannot help seeing all its miracles in various colors ,but snow covered everything leaving smiles while kids playing with it .On my way back I observed two of my foot steps made an impression which reminded me the symbol of Heart. I quickly scooped snow out of the impressions and voila there I found the “Heart of Nature”.