Astra — The Social Supercomputer

Introducing Astra, the social supercomputer, which empowers people to advance frontiers of science and establish collective social truths for a better tomorrow while earning valuable Digital Currencies!

Rajesh Trivedi
Sep 2, 2017 · 2 min read

The Astra is a Social Supercomputer, which empowers people to advance scientific frontiers and establish collective social truths for building efficient and corruption-free societies while earning valuable Digital Currencies. The Astra weaves together computing resources of community members for leading-edge discoveries in medicine, science, and humanities. It will lead to the cure for many dreadful diseases that afflict humanity, such as, Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Alzheimer, Parkinson’s, Ebola, Zika, Tuberculosis, and Malaria, etc. The Astra can also be used for making path-breaking discoveries in astronomy, physical sciences, natural sciences, economics, social psychology, and humanities.

The Astra members can also use their computers to verify information and build trustworthy public data repositories and earn valuable Digital Currencies. Such trustworthy data repositories will empower people to cooperate with others whom they don’t yet know or trust. The trustworthy data repositories will allow people to discover new innovative ways of collaboration and hold their corporations, institutions, and governments accountable. In summary, these repositories of ‘Social Truths’ will lead to highly efficient economies and transparent, corruption-free societies around the world.

The Astra accomplishes the above two noble missions of ‘Social Service’ and ‘Social Truths’ by building purpose-driven communities of committed members. Each community is built around a clear and measurable ‘Purpose’, which holds a deep meaning for members. Each community is led by a pro-active ‘Leader’ who is committed to the cause, sets the community targets and agenda, and keeps the members engaged. To build the bonds of camaraderie, members are encouraged to share their motivations and stories on community forum. The Astra will regularly inform community members about the challenges, measurable metrics, and benefits of their contributions. The platform will create an engaging experience by keeping track of Scores, updating Leader-boards, and awarding Honor Badges to winning teams and community members.

In summary, Astra empowers people to do ‘Social Good’ while earning valuable Digital Currencies. Please visit to learn more about the Astra project and subscribe to our mailing list to stay informed as we launch new communities.

Astra — The Social Supercomputer