Astra — One App for Discovering the Most Profitable Grid Computing Market

Rajesh Trivedi
Jul 22, 2017 · 2 min read

The open source technology for public Grid Computing was first developed in mid-1990s as Internet became commonplace. Over the last 25 years these public computing networks have been mostly run for volunteer causes, such as, persuading people to share their unused computing cycles for scientific research. Now, with the advent of Trust Machines, it is possible to collectively micro-track each little contribution and give it the characteristics of a property. A property can be valued and traded in marketplaces. This has led to the emergence of a plethora of online markets where consumers can offer their unused computing cycles, storage, and networking capacity for a price. The Figure below illustrates a number of Grid Computing markets that have emerged over the last couple of years.

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In this new scenario, however, the consumers are likely to face two new challenges. The rewards offered by the above Grid Computing markets vary with time and location. Also, often the markets do not disclose in advance how much a consumer will earn by renting out their spare computing capacity. The blind markets just deposit certain number of tokens in a consumer’s account after their resources have been consumed. Thus, for maximum profitability consumers are expected to download a number of Grid Computing programs on their machines, set them up, and constantly switch among them.

To solve the above problem of optimal selection, Astra is developing a simple, unified App, which automatically discovers the most profitable market to rent the computing cycles and disk storage to. Consumers will have to download only one light-weight App, which automatically self-configures and selects the most profitable market. The Astra App makes its decisions on meticulous analysis of past accumulated data from each Grid Computing market.

To learn more about Astra— The Social Supercomputer, please visit Our mission is to foster broad adoption of distributed computing projects and digital currencies through community and economic incentives on our easy to use platform.

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Astra — The Social Supercomputer

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