Battling & Rattling

Stuck in the middle of nowhere, my soul burns to go somewhere that not everyone tends to, deep down beyond what they call as depth. Nothing makes me happier than music and writing, together it is like controlling the heart and mind. However there being non sync at times, there is no nonsense in it.

I’m being reminded of the limits that I need to keep account of by my mind, yet my heart burns and spills itself filling every single line with words that can bring happiness to itself. This part of me enjoying traveling between them is priceless and I would love to recommend for those who really love transitions and transformations together.

Will the 3 paragraph write-ups become another set of limitation in my writing is a pretty good question that I ask to myself now, but I am determined enough to go an extra mile this time. Keeping aside my laziness to type what my heart speaks, I am revenging my mind with such an attitude.

Will I stop with this is another question that pops up now, well, time will have to answer. For the love of words, let’s smile for the day! :)

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