The All New #ME

It isn’t usual when I start writing down words without counting in my mind, since Twitter’s evolution of 140, I have adapted to it and made myself worthy to its guidelines. To be honest, I am not a big fan of bitly or twitlonger that can convey things more than the 140, tried them and tired of them.

After years of silence and limiting myself, I have reached a point that being a slave to such a condition might not be a healthy decision, at least for the age of today where content is everywhere limitless. The surprise here is that, for what I had admired Twitter for is now planning to go with 10,000 words which can be a relief package for people like me, but will that feed the starving fox inside me, never.

So to begin with, being matured, I am giving out a rough try at Medium where I believe I can let lose my mind to evolve with freedom in bringing all those crazy thoughts that can actually make sense or not, whatever. But, to the other me, I have surrendered myself from being adamant. Let’s write forever! :)

Catch me in #Twitter, if you are curious enough to know that I am a fan of 140! @RajeshTheRF