Engineering castings in India - General purpose and specification

Casting is most popular technique in industrial world as this was introduced from the many successful past decades. There is different type of casting included in term casting. One of the important casting is Investment castings. It is one of the oldest metals forming technique. If we look back in history, we come to know appropriate uses of investment casting.

This is the industrial process which is also known as lost wax casting procedure. In this process, the core or pattern is made by using the wax and then it is covered with ceramic slurry. Manufacturers and engineering castings industries in India uses latest investment castings technique, this is a lost form of casting.

It is normally more often preferable in per unit than sand casting or die casting process. It reduces the equipment cost with best finish and dimension accuracy at the end of complete process. This procedure is primarily using small products, but with the technological expansion, it is feasible and difficult to make large products precisely without any deformation.

Engineering castings products

Dedicated team work for clients

Industrial exporters of investment castings and casting products offer complex design and shapes at affordable and reasonable cost. The products are made up by using various metals include brass, aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steel.

The offered precise, customized, complex and elaborated components are seriously applicable in various general engineering castings sectors in India to the most important customers. The dedicated team maintains the quality of product, strength, finishing and on time delivery of each order.

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Why to choose Investment casting?

  • It ensures high level accuracy, veracity, and versatility during the formation of metals…
  • Resulted products have a great finishing. So there is no need to invest more on finishing work.
  • Engineering castings India provides less equipment cost to our customers.