Sorting your Vacation photos using Machine Learning

Objective: Imagine being able to take the photos from your last family vacation and automatically group them into specific events and places based only on the image contents. In essence, that’s exactly what we will be doing today.

How: We’re going to define the type of histogram we want to extract, then extract our color histograms from each image, and then apply k-means clustering to cluster and group the vacation photos into their respective categories — and all of this will be done automatically for us.

ML Algorithm: K-Means clustering

Technique : Color Histogram

What is a Color Histogram: Simply put, a color histogram counts the number of times a given pixel intensity (or range of pixel intensities) occurs in an image. Using a color histogram we can express the actual distribution or “amount” of each color in an image. The counts for each color/color range are then used as our feature vector.

Copy the code from LINK and run.

Directory Structure of Photo Sorting Project

How to use command line argument is also covered in the GitHub Repo along with the explanation of the code. Alternatively, you can also check my blog on using command line argument from the link.

Command Line Execution
Clustered Photos from Vacation