17-Year-Old Dies After Hickey From Girlfriend Causes Stroke

The hickey — or love bite — caused a blood clot, which traveled to his brain

A 17-year-old boy in Mexico City has reportedly died after a hickey he received from his girlfriend caused a stroke.

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Doctors believe the suction of the hickey — or love bite — resulted in a blood clot, which traveled to Julio Macias Gonzalez’s brain and caused a stroke, the Independent and local Mexican media reported. The teenager had convulsions while eating dinner with his family after hanging out with his 24-year-old girlfriend and later died, the newspaper said.

In 2011, a 44-year-old woman from New Zealand experienced loss of movement in her left arm and was taken to hospital.

According to media reports from the time doctors suspected she had had a stroke but couldn’t work out why, until they noticed a bruise on the right side of her neck, left by a love bite.

They concluded the suction from the love bite had damaged a major artery and formed a blood clot, which traveled to her heart and caused a minor stroke.

She noticed the symptoms later, while sitting watching television.

Dr Teddy Wu, who treated the woman at Auckland’s Middle more Hospital, reported the case in a medical journal.

“To my knowledge, it’s the first time someone has been hospitalized by a hickey,” he said at the time, using the American term for a love bite.

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