Things my neighbours do that aren’t annoying enough to complain about but are still really annoying…
Tom Mitchell

Almost everything you have mentioned seem to relate to noise — which is why I share your irritation wholeheartedly!

I have the same problems in my neighbourhood (sic) which is a hundred times worse — mine are endless lashings with a cat o’ nine tails while you are suffering from strokes by a feather!

My problems are caused by a church which is actually over a kilometre away! They string up a series of loudspeakers on lampposts along the road all the way from their church to my house which is at a junction. And starting from around 5 am they blast away — recorded songs, live songs, exhortations, lamentations, litany, prayers, preachy speeches etc. all for the greater glory of god. It stops around 9 am only to begin again from 3 pm to go on till 9 pm. It stops only because there are schools, hospitals, a de-addiction centre etc. along the way.

The reason for this noise pollution is “celebration” of some saints’ birthdays, beatification, what have you. And these are not one day celebrations — they come in bunches of days, never less than 10 at a time! There is also a shrine to the pope near my house where on weekend evenings they let loose the same noise. What they are doing is an offence punishable under law. I have complained to the archbishop, the police, the top administrative authorities — all to no avail. There is absolutely no action as the matter is sensitive and may hurt religious sentiments!

The church isn’t the only culprit. There are mosques with their wailing and temples with their own variety of noise. And yes, all this happens in India, in Kerala, to be more specific where they say there’s a high standard of living!

So, Tom, what do I do with neighbours like these? I’d exchange yours for mine any day!

Count your blessings, Tom!

S. Radhakrishnan.

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