Forget the NYT or The Guardian. Here’s the new league of news providers.
Eva Bianka Zu Beck

While I do enjoy AJ+ (particularly Amy Goodman!), I think there is still interest in traditional print journalism, particularly long-form articles.

I find several troubling assumptions in this article. The first is that all this “bite” content leans very heavily towards sensationalism (the Kim Kardashian example was especially troubling). The second is the implicit assumption that Facebook’s video counts mean anything — engagement drops dramatically after the first few seconds of autoplay, and all those views don’t mean much if there isn’t engagement through the end of the video.

Third, while you are correct that print journalism needs to adapt to survive, I don’t think clickbait is the right answer; instead, it should entail finding a way to cut off the unholy marriage with commercial advertisers and instead to leverage the sharing economy so that those who value such sources are compelled to donate (Patreon may very well help on that front!)

The trends you mention seem accurate — however, there is inadequate analysis on the possible consequences of these trends. I, for one, would love to continue reading long form investigative journalism like ProPublica, not clickbaity videos on Facebook. Neither are these trends necessarily an inevitably — at least, I certainly hope not!