OneVoice: Our Future Earth

Our world is forever changing in so many different ways. Global temperature is increasing, sea levels are rising, glaciers are melting, there is an increase in droughts, and overall change in climate worldwide to name just a few. I feel that these changes are often overlooked or forgotten during the everyday hustle and bustle that is life. I myself am guilty of neglecting to do my part as a human being to help preserve the planet. These changes may not have a direct effect on our daily lives, but they will indeed have an effect on the human race and our world in the long run. Yes, I acknowledge that this is not a new topic of discussion. In fact, it is a highly debated topic in United States and throughout the word. During the Paris climate deal of 2015, 200 countries agreed to polices to help curb global warming, and yet in our own countries political environment hardly none of the republican candidate believe that humans have an effect on the environment.

With the upcoming presidential debates in full steam, this topic has come up numerous times. Some believe that climate change is a natural process and or that it merely does not exist. It’s difficult for me to understand why some people view the change in our climate as something that cannot be controlled and or something that will not have a substantial effect on our world as a whole. It’s important to recognize that there is action that can be taken in the here and now to help limit the amount of waste that affects our environment. I feel that many people have the opinion that there is nothing that they can do, or that it’s not my problem, “I won’t be around when climate change takes its full affect”. But our children will be here and our grandchildren will be here and I don’t know about you but I would like for my offspring to live their lives in a world that is not being destroyed by my carbon footprint. Why would we not want to save and protect this planet for them?

On the counter argument there are organizations, businesses, and governmental groups that are taking action to have an impact on the earth future climate. Some of these organizations are working to reduce carbon dioxide pollution and help keep our earths air and atmosphere restored. I think it’s important to acknowledge and recognize that the world is indeed changing and it’s up to us to preserve this place that we call home. We can all make a difference in our planets future and it’s important to be involved and aware of what can be done to do so.

I myself have noticed a different culture surrounding the environment since moving to Seattle. I now try to use public transportation more regularly, carpool with coworkers to work, separate waste, recycle more often, brining my own reusable grocery bag to the store, just to name a few. When I lived in Salt Lake City, I wouldn’t have thought twice about grabbing my reusable grocery bag before heading out the door. But now, it’s become taboo to ask for a paper bag, if I have forgot my own. More cities should pass legislation and laws to better our communities and our earth as a whole. These small contributions can have a large impact overall. So next time you are heading out the door to the store, stop and grab a reusable bag. I promise it will become a habit soon enough.

— Erica Houck


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