Boston Sports Father’s Day Gift Collection

There are much better ways to tell your Red Sox loving Dad that he’s #1

We don’t doubt that Dad is #1, and we’re all about showing it, but there are some much better ways to show Dad the love than with this generic T-shirt above. That is why we curated a gift collection specifically tailored towards the Boston sports Dad.

Any good Father acknowledges a job well done by another Father. Your Dad will surely appreciate the work of Father Time, especially when presented in the form of Fenway Park.

Going to the ballpark or stadium with Dad is a treasured experience. The savvy Dad knows that public transportation is the way to get there. Show him you approve of that choice with a Subway sign for the major Boston sports venues.

Boston Dads are passionate about their teams, and their city. These prints allow them to show off both by meshing team logos with a city map. Note that each individual team is available on their respective team pages.

We’re sure that Dad was happy when the Big Three won it all, but for him, the Celtics will always be defined by Larry Legend. Add a print of #33 to Dad’s collection.

Variety is the spice of life, so if Dad already has a good amount of Bird swag (there can never be enough), then he will like these vintage prints of the Bruins and Red Sox.

Dad opened your first beer (at least officially), and now it’s time to return the favor with a bottle opener crafted from the Boston sports scene.

It’s been a rough season for the Sox so far, which means that 1) Dad is drinking during the games, and 2) he needs a reminder of the better days. These coasters commemorating their latest World Series take care of that.

Since those coasters are likely to be covered with drinks most of the time, make sure Dad has another way to revel in the glory of the 2013 World Series. This collection of newspaper headlines from that epic run should do the trick.

Dad doesn’t care what happened with Tom Brady’s balls last winter; he just knows that he loves the man. Help him show that love with a great TB12 print.

If Dad received the best Jesuit education this fine city has to offer then he will definitely want a way to remember the best Hail Marry in Boston history.