Motocross for Tots — Teaching Small Children to Ride Dirt Bikes

Virginia resident Ralph Beck develops and invests in real estate throughout Virginia. When he is not working, Ralph Beck can usually be found participating in sports with his three sons. His children are talented motocross riders and have been riding since their toddler years.

Children can start learning to ride dirt bikes as soon as they are able to ride a pedal bike. In recent years, pedal-less balance bikes have begun to replace bikes with training wheels, and these help children learn to balance quickly.

Once tots can balance, it is time to buy their first dirt bike. Young children should start with a 50cc bike.

Many professionals began riding on a Yamaha PW50, but KTM, Cobra, and Honda also make popular entry-level models. Many parents advise buying used, since children may lose interest or quickly outgrow the bike.

Safety gear is of crucial importance. Children should always wear a helmet, goggles, chest protector, gloves, and proper riding boots. When they inevitably take a spill, encourage them to get right back on the bike.