Two Lesson Apple And Tesla Can Teach You About Marketing Your Own Business

There are 2 categories of people in your life… people you know and care about, and everybody else…

On one hand are friends, family, business partners….

And on the other hand.. the lady who works at Starbucks… and the guy who delivers your mail.

Same goes with businesses…

There are brands you know and care about..

If you’re an Apple fan, wouldn’t you be genuinely upset if apple closed shop and stopped production?

How about the people who eagerly pay $100,000 to pre-order the latest Tesla car… don’t you think they’d be pissed if Tesla stopped making cars?

How does this apply to you?

It’s competitive out there.. and you’re either somebody, or you’re a nobody.

The good news is.. you don’t have to be somebody for the entire world.. but just for your own niche and customers

Otherwise, you’re in trouble

You’re that business they bought something from that one time…

They never talk about you..

They never mention you to their friends..

They can’t even remember your name…

To them you are a STRANGER!

And people don’t give a sh*t about strangers, don’t let your business be one.

What can you do about it?

You see..

Technology made the game harder.

I’ll say it again…

Technology. made. the game. (for you as an advertiser/marketer/ or business owner) harder!

A big price discount is not all it takes… not anymore.

A new product release? Who cares.. there are more new products being released right now than at any time in history..

You’re doing email marketing? Consumers receive more emails today than they ever have.

So how the hell do you stand out?

1. Define who YOU are.

Not what you *do*.. or what you *sell*.. but who you are…

Whether you notice it or not, you know exactly who Apple and Tesla are…

Apple; Best in class / highest quality / best looking / premium / most reliable / consumer-friendly / Durable.

Tesla; Big bold innovations / environment-friendly / save the planet / push technology forward.

Whether you like it or not, you know that.

Because they made sure you do.

Does Batman Ever Fight Crime Without His Cape?

Your values and what you stand for is YOUR cape.

Are you ‘community-oriented” local car-dealership?

Are you an *innovative* robotics company that builds robots to help autistic children?

Are you a makeup store that *empowers* women to feel sexy without damaging their skin?

Bottom line: Know what you stand for, and communicate it to your customers and prospects at every possible opportunity.

This is what they will REMEMBER you for.

…. And you will no longer be another stranger.

2. Define who THEY become by doing business with you.

From the clothes they wear.. to the car they drive.. to the people they hangout with…

People are engaged in a constant effort of re-affirming their identity to others and to the world around them.

Every action they take is an effort to re-affirm…

Listen up world, this is what I AM like.

A Tesla driver might feel slightly superior on the road.. he’s affirming the fact that he’s forward-thinking and cares about the environment by driving a Tesla.

Apple users get a sense of pride in knowing they use the best equipment money can buy.

Who would have thought your customers are all advertisers? eh?!

Once you understand and define how your product/service helps them re-affirm who they are to the world, your marketing-ammo can take-off to a new level.

Because you’re no longer selling them on you, you’re selling them on themselves.

Here’s an example of Apple selling us on ourselves and how unique, different, and special we are.

Needless to say, it paid off pretty well for Apple….. ;-)

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