7 college students on why they support Ralph Northam for governor

“We need to choose somebody who’s going to advocate for us — and I think that person is Ralph”

Since announcing his candidacy for governor, Ralph’s been traveling the commonwealth, visiting with college students and listening to the issues they care most deeply about.

Whether it’s protecting transgender students from discriminatory policy; championing women’s right to quality, affordable healthcare; or standing between President Trump and immigrants; they trust Ralph to fight the tough fights in Richmond.

From James Madison University to Old Dominion — and everywhere in between — read why these Virginia students are voting for Ralph.

Virginia, University of Virginia

“Whenever I hear Ralph talking, I hear him talk about women’s health issues. He’s always talking about how women should be able to make their own decisions with their body, and he makes a really compelling case about it. It means so much to me that he’s kept this issue at the forefront of his campaign and also that he’s been really good on women’s health issues in his career as a Virginia politician. People often talk about women’s health issues on the federal level, but Ralph understands that this is a state issue too — and one that affects women across the commonwealth.”

Renzo, James Madison University

“I’m Latino. For me, a big deal is making sure we have somebody — especially with this federal administration — that protects minorities and looks out for minorities and someone who actually understands the institutional barriers to us and the barriers to our success. Ralph hit the nail on the head … His criminal justice plan and when he’s talking about unpaid court fees — that predominantly affects people of color. When I read that, it was like I was reading something I wrote myself … He actually understands what the issues are and is trying to be that voice and that fighter for us.”

Jakob, William & Mary Law School

I first met [Ralph] at my first Virginia Young Democrats convention, probably four years ago. I personally think in the primary that he has the background and experience at the state level to be a really good governor … He’s responsible for helping to ban smoking in public restaurants — it’s a small thing, but I think it’s really cool. As a doctor, I think he’s uniquely positioned. We’ve never had a governor who’s a doctor before.”

Valencia, Virginia Tech

“I’m chronically ill, so I see Ralph as a doctor who understands what it means to be sick and to need help caring for your sickness. Ralph knows that all Virginians deserve to be healthy … When I graduate, I’ll be off my parent’s insurance. And that’ll be around the time that Ralph would take office if elected. I trust Ralph to take care of my needs as a chronically ill person because his record shows that he is a true Virginian public servant — he stands with people who are marginalized, people in need. College students need a governor who’s going to advocate for us — and I think that person is Ralph Northam.”

Girish, Old Dominion University

“I’m an international student, not a citizen. The way Ralph responded to the recent travel bans was a testament to his ideals; and as an international student and the leader of a campus organization that improves quality of life for international students, I am impressed with his response to recent decisions. I’m trying to make my American friends understand that we need a governor who will have an open mind and will welcome international students and immigrants to this nation of immigrants, where immigrants have made some of the best things we have.”

Kejdi, Virginia Commonwealth University

“I immigrated to the US in 2009, and my family lives in Blacksburg now. I’ve benefitted from Virginia’s teachers — we’ve got some of the most amazing teachers and professors. But they face horrible pay so their work is not reflected or rewarded well. Ralph supports increasing teacher pay and also increasing investments in not only STEM, but also arts, which is so crucial to a well-rounded education. His support of a school-to-work pipeline and expanding access to apprenticeships will make Virginian students so much more competitive in the work field and more successful. Currently, college is so unaffordable for so many and the General Assembly keeps cutting from education. Ralph is a big advocate of making public higher education institutions more accessible. He shows tremendous passion and grit in all of his fights, and that’s why I think he should be the next governor.”

David, University of Virginia

“We’ve been having a lot of fights about transgender student protections and DACA student protections. Ralph has been an actual ally who can do something in Richmond. That experience will be invaluable to students. He has the knowledge of Richmond to help people on college campuses with these issues. I can’t imagine trusting someone who hasn’t been in Richmond with the duty to protect our most vulnerable students.”

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