7 times Ralph Northam stood up for Virginia women — in a big way

And he’s just getting started

Ralph Northam’s been fighting for Virginia women his entire career as a doctor, a state senator, and lieutenant governor. He’ll continue that fight as governor. Here’s how we know why:

1.He proposed $6 million in federal grant funding to expand access to long-acting reversible contraceptives, like IUDs.

2. As lieutenant governor, Ralph cast the tie-breaking vote to repeal legislation mandating women seeking abortions undergo an ultrasound first.

3.He voted against an amendment banning abortion coverage in health insurance plans sold through the federal healthcare exchange in Virginia.

4. He’s been fighting TRAP laws since his days as a state senator.

5. Ralph’s been calling out personhood legislation for years.

6. He defended Planned Parenthood from Republicans who wanted to deny it state funding — and he’s got a 100% Planned Parenthood rating to prove it.

7. And finally, he stood on the floor of the General Assembly and led the fight against a transvaginal ultrasound mandate, which would’ve required all women seeking an abortion to undergo an invasive, medically-unnecessary procedure first.

To sum it up: