The Perfect Omelette (&startup)

Jacques Pepin, posing as James Bond.

I have walked this earth for over a quarter century and picked up a few things along the way: (I) know the French national anthem by heart, (I) can recite all the US presidents, (I) can taste the difference between Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi, and (I)’m fairly certain I can tell you the Chicago Bulls 1998 NBA Finals starting lineup…BUT if you ask me how to make The Perfect Omelette, chances are you will probably hear me say this: Curiosity.

Imagine –

IF Christopher Columbus wasn’t curious, we would’ve never discovered the Western Hemisphere, Bill Gates would’ve been born in Spain and Warren Buffett would be a florist.

IF Isaac Newton wasn’t curious, his favorite fruit would be a Banana and we would have never known Gravity or Steve Jobs.

IF I wasn’t curious, I would’ve never Googled “50 facts about Obama” to learn that the dude can bench press 200lbs among other 49 amazing things.

(click here, if curious!)

Curiosity is the answer, because at its essence it is the art of questioning. So to do something well, be curious, learn about it as best as you can then teach yourself how to do it better. The same way you learned to tie your shoelaces, how to draw a tree, setup a tent, how to write code, and how to make an omelette…it is all a learning process…

Remember your first omelette? Desastere in la cocina. Now, fast forward 3 years and 1000 breakfasts later, you make the meanest omelette in town, so mean it cracks the eggs out of Jaques Pepin himself.

The point is, when you think you know something, think again, and remember the omelette, because nothing is as easy as it seems…Think of your startup as an omelette — There’s a lot to learn if you aspire to build a startup. Here’s what to do:

  1. Experiment Start a side project. The key is to focus once you have something that works, that gains traction and people. Until then, Keep breaking eggs.
  2. Stay inspired Motivation doesn’t last, but neither does a shower so I recommend it daily. Read books about startups and entrepreneurs, watch interviews, follow blogs, and attend conferences. Staying inspired can help you find your secret ingredient.
  3. Travel the world and move Live in other cities. Learn cultures. Get inspired. Change the scene. Think differently. Take a new route. Walk backwards. Jump. Watch others jump. Go somewhere scary. Look, listen, smell, feel. Taste the omelette in Chile. By leaving what you know and stepping into uncertainty, you become open-minded and create new opportunities for yourself.
  4. Choose your friends wisely You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. If you truly want to succeed, surround yourself with interesting minds, brilliant and kind individuals, optimists, people you can learn from and share an omelette with.
  5. Do something people want In nearly every failed idea, the real problem was that people didn’t want the product. So don’t make an omelette for dessert.
  6. Share If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together. Tell people about your idea. Talk until they tell you to shut up. Discover new questions, test and refine your recipe. Make an omelet for two and share it.
When all else fails, volunteer and travel the world…
4 Steps to make The Perfect Omelette:
Find the right ingredients and nail the basic mixture: whisk with a fork until well, melt 10g butter over medium-high heat until sizzling
Cook it right: 2 minutes or until golden
Fill and Fold: add ham, tomato and mushroom
Learn the tricks: add 1tbs of water to make the omelet fluffy
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