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Notice a trend here, folks? Everything bad in the world is the fault of white males. Every. Single. Thing.

I’m not buying it. Look, some women were born beautiful, some can approach it with makeup, and for some, even surgery won’t do it. Same for men. I’m not grotesque, but I’m no Tom Cruise, either, and my wife still loves me. (I haven’t asked if she fantasizes about Tom Cruise at certain times, and I don’t plan to do so.) My wife is beautiful, but perhaps not to the standard set by Melania Trump. But it is what it is.

What Mr. McCain identifies here is one facet of the Left’s approach to destroying Western society. White males, at least the more handsome among us, don’t feel inclined to dally with ugly women. There. I said it. (Although I have seen a disturbing trend of normal-sized, relatively good looking men attached at the hip to VERY LARGE women. Not sure what to make of that.) So instead of finding someone perhaps less attractive physically but beautiful on the inside, the uglies (and bear in mind I’m no Adonis) have to get angry that Tom Cruise isn’t interested, and indict all of society for their continued virginity. But go beyond this. White males are RACIST, in other words, they won’t give it away to people of Color. White males are brutes, in other words, they won’t give in to homosexual advances. And so on.

As usual, it comes down to someone wanting what I got and won’t simply surrender to them out of a perverse sense of guilt.

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