Tools to Help You Be Happy

The quarter-life crisis hit me like a train. Sure, things we g00d on paper, though coming down off the high of college freedom coupled by the endless foreground of work-filled days was just a lot to handle. Here were some things that helped me right the ship:

Multi-Vitamin: Look, we’re used to surviving off of ramen noodles and cheap beer in college, but that doesn’t fly when you’re actually working 8 hours a day. Neither does eating pizza every week. Unless you’re some type of kitchen wizard thats watched enough “Chopped” to make edible food, you probably have some malnutrition going on. Getting some extra vitamins is clutch. Plus I take a little extra Vitamin D since I subject myself to living in the Northeast even though I’m convinced I have some sort of Seasonal Affective Disorder going on (it’s too perfect that spells out SAD).

Tea: Yup. Swallowed the masculinity and became a big-time tea guy. Kick that Keurig into high gear, throw in some chamomile, and melt into you bed for a little. Kava is pretty wild too. Did I just name drop two different types of tea? Talk about versatility.

“Podge-Time”: Yeah, wouldn’t suggest naming your designated relaxing period after me, but taking an hour (or two or four) to set aside and blow off all responsibilities to watch a few episodes of “The Office” or some other mindless activity that you enjoy is just something we all deserve. So feel free to insert your name in that already lame title and claim this as your own.

Talking it Out: Even the kids that seem like they’re killing it have this limbo feeling going on, trust me on that. Grab beer/wine/everclear with a friend and just talk everything out. Commiserating is real therapeutic.

Blow Some Steam: Writing it with this title as it would physically pain me to write about going to the gym. The endorphins you get from working-out are real though and will make a difference. Going to count throwing on a guilty pleasure and singing it out in the shower. Not enough of a science guy to know if that also gives endorphins but I endorse it anyway. Regardless, take some time to really break things/decompress.

Reflect: About to get a little sentimental on you guys but take some time to think of where you came from, the progress you’ve made in life, and the people that care about you. You’ve done great things and there are people that love you. That’s awesome.

I’m not sure if I can edit these after the fact but this is what is coming to mind right now and I’m sure more will pop in as soon as I hit publish. Slide into that email in my bio if you want to talk about any of this more or tell me how wrong any of the borderline medical advice I offered is. Thanks for reading.