Pencil mustache types and style

Mustache seems to be very important for every man to maintain their style and personality. The style and trend of a mustache will contribute to the personality of man. The look and face style depends on the type of mustache that a man maintains. With the current trend and technological improvement it is possible to keep the desired mustaches by their own at their home. Growing and maintaining mustache is not a hard task but it still need some tips to grow it properly for suiting your face. It is necessary to grow the mustache properly and evenly with the help of various types of trimmers so that you can expect your desired mustache. With the availability of various trimmers it is now possible for every man to trim as they wish. The mustache trends exist in various types of styles. People are choosing the mustache that suits their face shape and tone.

Growing mustache of various styles really seems to be an art. Among different type of mustache pencil mustache seems to be really easy job for men who have afraid of this task. This thin and stylish pencil mustache is a fashionable one among many people who are in the hollywood field. The pencil mustache also has different types of style. It starts from one end of your mouth and runs till the other side of the mouth and some stops at the end of your nose above your lips and again starts. The thickness will vary in all pencil type mustache and the thickness is depends on ones wish. When it comes to this types of pencil mustache you can find many different styles and some of the famous styles are listed below.

Types of pencil mustache:

Long and straight:

The first and simple one is long and straight pencil mustache. It looks like a outline of your lips which makes them to seem fuller. The length must be bigger than or equal to your lip.

Thicker Line:

You can make that pencil thicker. If you wish to have thicker mustache then this pencil style is more suitable for your choice. Make your mustache to be an inch thicker and give some space in the middle part. In order to have a perfect thicker pencil mustache you need to trim your facial hair regularly.

Thin at the end:

You can have thicker mustache at the middle and have a thinner end. If you wish to have a longer one then you can have this. This is very easy to trim and maintain. Make sure that the thin tip is beyond your lip.

Middle part empty:

This is just like a long and straight mustache but you need to trim the hair at the middle which is below your nose. This is very easy to do on your own.

Low ends:

When it comes to pencil type there is not necessary to be straight all the time. You can also have ends hangs a little low both the sides. Normally this one suits many people.

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