People are there to tell you what to do and what not to do. Society is there to judge your every move and then tell you, you had to be a strong person and not care about anything else. One goes through ups and downs their whole lives. Wouldn’t be wrong to say that we think there are always more downs than ups. But hey, thats the beauty of it so that we can appreciate the things we have and the things we take for granted. No matter how long the struggle is, it is bound to end and everything just falls into place eventually. You need to understand and love yourself first before offering anyone else to walk in your boundary.

We see all those little kids swooning over the idea of love, and being offered love has become so common. Its only those who love and respect themselves enough that don’t take just anything they are offered, do not let anyone take them for granted, and develop personally and professionally, it is after this that they realise who is actually worth having them and then they open their hearts to that one person.

Its always easy to say and hard to act upon. Making mistakes is just human, if you’re not making those you’re not really growing up. Whats important about making a mistake is that you learn from it. Even if you repeat it, re-learn. Another vital point is to accept your mistake; if someone tells you they are hurt by your words or actions, you are not the one to decide that they are wrong. You need to cut down on your ego part and take the higher road.

Analyse and apologise. In any situation, you can never be cent percent right so its okay to claw down the issue and realise where you went wrong and apologise. You need to let go of grudges, you need to forgive people, you need and deserve peace or closure or fresh start or even a kick start to move on from something or someone. You need to do it, and even if you get a negative response to it atleast your conscience will be clear, you’ll have no regrets to look back to, you will mature-up, you might even get your closure from it, you need to take the higher road because thats where there’s less traffic and also going uphill means you’re climbing the right way, and sweetie, maybe you’ll just understand the depth of how some people are never even ready for an apology.

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