Retain Readers With Focused Content!

While you may not have an out-of-body experience, I think what I’m about to share could help entrepreneurs, marketers, podcasters and business owners better refine their message!

Everyone, and I mean everyone who has access to a smart phone is vying for attention from someone else. Without getting into the numbers, we are each being pulled (and pulling others) in several informational directions, whether to share, teach or curate content.

What does that have to do with podcasting or marketing? I think we are about to see more of what I’d like to call Intentional Messaging. Instead of just blanketing our followers, listeners and prospects with “great content”, we need to naturally become more intentional and specific about our messaging!

Let’s take a look at you. What do you offer? What business are you promoting? Better yet, how is your product or service helping others? Now, how are you communicating that message? With so many apps, sites and people claiming to be an expert in their respective space, how do you separate yourself and provide a level of likability and trust? That aside, if you can’t separate yourself with the content or with your personal style, maybe changing your technique will win you the love you truly deserve.

For example, instead of recording a 30–60 minute podcast, you can deliver segments of 10–15 minutes which delivers specific goals for the listeners. While you can have an option for a listener to grab an entire program, providing an option that is catalogued in segments will help provide measurable listening and expectations for the listeners, resulting in better utilization of that information! Tony Robbins does this masterfully! If you’ve ever taken his sales mastery course, you know this! He provides 10–25 minute segments where people become truly immersed in specific aspects of the course. This allows the student to engage and remain focused on the task at hand!

For instance, you may have a podcast interviewing an expert on a specific topic. Within that topic may be several key lessons. Instead of this being just a listening experience for your audience, you can provide the interview in parts with titles classifying each takeaway! This turns you into a more focused and action-oriented knowledge expert, who doesn’t want to commoditize the content. Rather, it’s about the end result of your listener that matters most to you!

We are seeing this happening on Facebook, with people conducting live video sessions. Deepak Chopra shows up almost daily for 5–15 minutes with some specific topic. He stays on point, thereby leaving his listeners on point. In turn, the audience can walk away with a specific action plan (if needed)!

Would you share your experience? What do you do that takes this approach to teaching, delivering a service or sharing valuable knowledge to your listeners?

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