In Defining Your Purpose, Think Only Today.

How often we feel the need to define our lives in context of the future, when we then realize we don’t have access to this ever elusive point in time. Why can’t we seem to grasp the concept of present moment be fully there? Why are we always reaching for the unseen, only to find ourselves not reaching the future and missing another present (and potentially powerful) moment?

I used to worry about everything. Finances, health, relationships. I even worried about not living my life purpose. Imagine how vicious a circle! You start to worry about one thing and everything becomes a problem, and eventually a self-fulfilling prophesy. In fact, I began to notice the more I experienced unease about a certain aspect of my (perceived future) life, the worst it got! I began to seek answers and answers began to reveal themselves through other people. I started applying much of what I write about here and over time as these practices turned into habits, a shift began to take place.

Here’s what I can confirm…

It turns out our minds are just not satisfied with the NOW moment, as Eckhart Tolle so eloquently reminds us. We are reaching for some imaginary experience that never arrives. That’s not to say we aren’t to design a future or envision a future but even those designs and visions must be created in our current experiences.

How can we overcome this time killer called future?

  1. Gratitude for what is going on NOW: It’s not philosophy. It’s truth. The sense of gratitude helps us accept our unique path and opens up our minds to receiving the creativity and inspiration for whatever change we wish to see. In many ways, gratitude is the force that gives us the power to call forth support and cooperation through our magnetically charged minds (you can even feel the mind pulsate if you sit in meditation for a few minutes… another topic for another time?).
  2. Recognize that future thinking is only furthering our procrastination: This is an area I still struggle with but have made significant progress. This is where you recognize that wishing things were a certain futuristic way are not going to advance you. Rather, it’s a mix of gratitude and vision and action that attracts the resources and events that will conspire to bring about that “future” vision you hold so closely.
  3. Let Go: This is a tough one. We aren’t taught to give up and surrender. The opposite is true! We are soldiers and we fight!… Who’s tired of fighting? Fighting all the time is NOT our nature. In fact, we are dis-eased from fighting and trying to control every aspect of our (self-inflicted) exhaustive lives. What if letting go really worked? What would you do if you no longer had to fight your way to your next opportunity or promotion? What if you proclaimed every morning for 30 days “I surrender my challenges today and thank you for …”? If you’re curious, why not try it? If you decide to, I’d love to hear how it’s going. Chances are, you’ll never stop!
  4. Everything Has To Be Perfect!: What a lie we’ve been told and we tell ourselves. That notion of a perfect plan serves to mask our fear to justify inaction! If we think in terms of today, we find a joy that can be utilized for action at even a small scale! Nothing big has to take place today. In fact, nothing big in ALL history ever happened in a day. You may have only seen the final product, but everything from Athletes to musician to consumer electronics and beyond took years of materializing, first conceptually in the minds, then over time gave birth to an idea we think was just brilliant or lucky. That’s an insult to most of the world’s accomplished people. So today we can take a very small step, which can be a seed you can nurture each day and see how it evolves as your purpose and mission become more inspired.

Balance between Surrender and Plan/Action can be a challenge for anyone. This is where habit and practice will help you properly define each. Here are some ideas to get you going:

  1. You can plan and you can take action as you always have done. The doing becomes stronger and more inspired once the worrying of the unknown has been surrendered.
  2. Always relinquish the unknown and the uncontrollable first! This clears your mind and spirit to take positive action! This also allows you to receive more creative solutions that were not possible when the mind was preoccupied with stress and fear. Remove the fear and you completely open yourself up to answers!

Doing this daily allows you to see your vision and dreams as they appear to be this moment. We can take action today not procrastinating because of the fears of what we think may happen when we really have no idea what tomorrow brings. Instead, let’s fulfill our daily purpose like a gentle stepping stone with goals and dreams as they appear today. Who knows what life has in store for us and it doesn’t matter, because whatever it is, when we are grateful and surrender the mind-made doubts and worry, we can be assured it will be good. Today, plant a seed of a song, business or marriage and each day, water it with the intention of enjoying that moment with the vision of what it will one day become. Smile, let go and repeat.

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