Why SKYPE Is Not Ideal for Podcasting

In light of the recent news of Skype services being disrupted (and it’s not the only high-profile service to go down recently), it’s an important reminder that staying analog (relatively speaking) is smart when it comes to recording your podcast interviews.

The sheer embarrassment of inviting a high-profile interviewee to join your podcast only to have it crash mid-way is a reminder that maybe there’s a better yet more “old school” way of getting important tasks done.

My two cents is: Use a phone to host and record your interview and here’s how:

  1. Consistency of quality. Skype is bandwidth intensive and requires a consistent stream of data, which can fluctuate.
  2. Availability of content: With Skype, there are many additional steps that need to be taken which can be cumbersome to most. Instead, using your mobile phone can eliminate most of these steps and ensure a smooth recording. I personally recommend Google Voice, which allows you to activate a recording on an incoming call by simply pressing 4 on your phone. Doing so will notify both parties that your call is being activated. To learn more about setting up a Google account, visit: http://www.google.com/voice
  3. Here’s how you enable Recording on Google Voice!

4. If Google Voice isn’t for you, find a really quiet space, put your interviewee on speakerphone and use a conventional recording device to capture the speaker. This is very reliable if you’re using a hand recording tool but just know that you’ll probably need to edit quite a bit of it since you may encounter other noise elements during the recording. Also, like all call methods, you’ll have to edit out the pauses and additional unwanted parts of the podcast interview, all of which can be done in your Audacity tool once the mp3 file is imported.

If you’re a podcaster, you can then take your completed recording a literally drop the mp3 file into Audacity as a separate track. You can then edit and clean the track as needed before finalizing your podcast recording and then publishing it! If you’d like to learn how to become a rock star podcaster, join me and others in my 9-week super easy to follow podcast recording and marketing program http://bit.ly/1QTxmtv