How to find inspiration to write.
Preeti Shenoy

I have always been intrigued by writers and their thoughts. I am not a writer by profession. Nor do I write regularly as a hobby. I write when I feel like. And it’s mostly inspired by a real life story or event, about which I think for a few days. I publish it, get some good reactions to my work from a few friends and there it is — I go into “writer mode”. I start taking more interest in people, in their stories. I start looking at a lot of them as subjects of my next story. And I somehow don’t like it. It’s similar to the time I started doing stand-up comedy as a hobby at my previous workplace. And I would just want to add a funny twist to every story I heard so that I have fresh content for my next performance. While it’s great for the content I am going to come up with, I feel me-being-myself takes a back seat. I feel I am leaving the human behind in bringing the writer to the forefront.

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