The Select Ingredients That Go into Bolognese Mortadella

Committed to his community, Ramon Arias has donated more than 300,000 meals from his franchise restaurants to food banks in the Birmingham, Alabama, area. Reflecting his passion for quality ingredients, Ramon Arias has a strong personal interest in learning about foods and the regions where they are produced.

Originating in Bologna, Italy, mortadella is heat-cured pork sausage. Despite its superficial resemblance to the sandwich meat baloney, the difference between the two is profound; while baloney uses leftover scraps and can include chicken and turkey, mortadella contains high quality pork that is finely minced. Additionally, cubes of pork fat, which must total at least 15 percent of the product, are incorporated.

With ingredients that include cracked black pepper and pistachios, the mortadella sausage, which can weigh up to 200 pounds, is cooked within a brick oven. To qualify as mortadella, the product must be labeled with an IGP seal, the EU’s “protected geographical indication.”