How To Fix Air Travel
Christopher Liss

Some great ideas here Chris. Read this through a Facebook post first and then reactivated my medium account to comment — it was too good of a blog entry to not comment in appreciation. I’d also like to add something that I took action on and that is my application called AirLinked — ironically it’s based in ORD although we’re moving most resources to SFO by the end of next week. My aim is to bring people together at airports during delays, cancellations, and forced waits. Specifically, for those of us who travel frequently, it would be a great alternative to meet with other frequent travelers at your concourse or terminal before your flight.

True, there are so many opportunities to make travel a better experience for us all. In my opinion, ever since travelers were no longer allowed to be accompanied by friends/family/associates all the way to the gate there has been a gap in the joy of travel that has been absent in the journey altogether.

Your article speaks to so much already, but after this whole United debacle it’s the humanity of flying and the joy of travel that needs to be rebranded altogether with both the infrastructure and leadership to support it.

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