Apartments in Sarjapur Road offer Wipro Employees a ‘Walk To Work’ option

‘The apartments in Sarjapur Road of Bengaluru are mighty and many.’ Wouldn’t be an understatement. Anyone working in Wipro’s sprawling Bengaluru campus located there will confirm that for you. Wipro’s corporate office in the outskirts of Bengaluru is the IT giant’s biggest in the country.

Ever since Wipro laid the foundation for an additional campus to its Sarjapur facility in late 2012, apartment builders have laid eyes on the area. The campus accommodates a workforce of about 30,000 + a mighty populace of IT and related professionals. Providing quality, state of the art and attractive homes for the increased number of people and families became quick opportunity back then for construction companies. Some big names from the multi-storey apartment building industry have taken up the task since then.

Today there are apartments dotting the campus in Sarjapur Road like stars in a clear sky. An estimated 300+ apartments serve the growing IT population in Sarjapur Road. 40+ residential apartments are under construction in the region under an estimation.

What might be attractive to you if you are an employee of Wipro is the fact that within a 5Km radius of your campus’ main entrance, there is a large cluster of high-quality apartments. Even if the idea of taking a 5Km walk to the office isn’t very pleasing, one must think about the extra precious moments of sleep. There is also the option to come home for lunch and home cooked food.

To Rahul, 25, who resides in a popular apartment bang opposite Wipro’s corporate office, it is the opportunity to socialize with his office peers and seniors who stay in the same apartment after work is what makes it special. “I do take a walk to the office sometimes. Mostly when my bike is out for service. But that is just me being my lazy self. I know a senior personnel who takes a walk to the office. So yeah, a lot of people do walk to work and I think some of the apartments in Sarjapur Road have made it possible.” He summarizes.

Walk to work or not, apartments surrounding Sarjapur Road’s developing landscape are a fine deal. A huge list of the country’s popular builders has laid solid blueprints in the area. With prices ranging from 36 lacs to 1.3 -1.5 Crores, a big list of 1, 2, 2.5, 3 and 4 BHK homes are on sale for prospective buyers. The apartments for their part are also a sprawling expanse with some of them built over large acres of land.

Builders for their part have also loaded the apartments with amenities, facilities and fine living options. Earthquake resistant structures, landscaped balconies with automatic irrigation facilities, amphitheaters, car wash areas, meditation and yoga facilities are some of the new and innovative facilities apartments in Sarjapur Road have are offering to lure residents.

With great developments such as Intel’s proposed 44-acre campus and the construction of a peripheral ring road about to sweep Sarjapur, it is interesting to see how property developers have foreseen apartment trends in the area.

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