Cleaning and maintaining your hardwood floor

Jan 17, 2017 · 3 min read

Hardwood flooring is one of the most elegant floors to have in a home or office. Hardwood makes the home appear wooded and warm. Usually these hardwoods have numerous shades of stain and colors to pick from and they give the home a neat and classy feel. Though some feel hardwood is a lot of maintenance and hence dread the idea of using hardwood in their homes, hardwood can be maintained and cleaned very easily. It is a simple few steps cleaning and maintenance routine that will take the wooden floors in your home a long way.

Daily maintenance and cleaning for a hardwood floor is highly advisable. Daily cleaning include vacuuming the hardwood floor and taking out all the fine granulated particles and dust out of the floor. These granulated dusts can scratch the hardwood and over time deplete the quality of hardwood. Everyday mop the hardwood with a wring mops using some hardwood friendly cleaning agent. Make sure there are no water logging or water accumulating and try to avoid excess moisture on the hardwood. Excess moisture and water stagnation can make the hardwood decay and thus cause mold issues. Do not use harsh chemicals on the hardwood as they may spoil the quality and durability of the hardwood floors. The stores carry numerous competent brands of floor cleaners with different brand names, different fragrances and different composition. On a common man point of view though we may think these chemicals help maintain the hardwood floor, these chemicals do more damage than good.

The old fashioned way of using one portion vinegar with five portions of water is recommended by experts. This vinegar and water potion has worked magic against a lot of hard set grime and fine dust that gets accumulated within the small hinges of the hardwood floors in the house. Experts suggest using this potion on the floor at least weekly once to maintain the cleanliness and keep the grime away from your home. These days the practice of waxing a hardwood floor to maintain its shine has become common and this as not a very advisable method. The fact being these waxes unless handled by a professional in the right quantity can damage the quality of the floor or sometimes even cause permanent damage to the floors. Do not try DIY wax polishes on the floor.

Maintaining the hardwood floors can be done by adding a few steps on a day to day routine along with the above mentioned pointers. Carpeting the high traffic regions of the hardwood will save that particular place from quick wear and tear. Avoid walking on the hardwood with your outdoor shoes. The shoes we wear outside may contain fine granules of mud and dust into the house. These may scratch the floor and result in quality damage. If the hardwood is too hard or cold for your feet, consider wearing a separate shoe inside your home, but make sure to leave all the fine unsettled dust outside. Quality and color of those beautiful hardwood floors can be maintained by simply following these tips and using all natural cleaner on them.


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