Five smart material to make your driveway look elegant and clean

Driveway of a house is usually the un-noticed detail. When considering a house people tend to overlook the driveway as a prime feature. It is one of the important aspects that add value to the facade of the property. Driveway being one of the high traffic area in every property, it is always wise to think over on the material used for paving the driveway. There are three important things to consider when thinking about material to be used on a driveway. Durability and maintenance of the material, cost of the material and cost involved in laying, safety and building codes on use of those material.

Using the right material with the right style can really appreciate the value of your home. Concrete is a very commonly used material for driveways. It is very stable, holds up well to all weather and puts up with years and years of wear and tear. One can stamp the desired pattern using concrete stamps and use color stains to achieve the desired color. It is a very economical material which makes laying and maintenance very pocket friendly. Exposed aggregate is another type of concrete. This is basically a concrete block with its top layer removed to make the pebbles visible. Although this needs minimum amount of maintenance like re-sealing once in few years to make it look intact, this material is skid resistant and can last a long way too. Again staining and patterns are an option of décor with this material.

If the driveway needs more elegant materials then materials like Bluestone are a good option. Bluestone is a very durable material which can be cut into size and shapes according to the length or pattern need of the driveway. It could also be cut into smaller size or crushed into gravel as for appropriate requirement of size and shape. Bluestones make the driveway look extremely elegant. The does not need too much maintenance but the beautiful deep blue color with constant exposure to sun may gradually fade away into a greyish color over time. The biggest advantage of this material being that it can be mixed and decorated with any other paving material. Clay brick pavers are one of the oldest materials used in making a driveway. Clay is cut into required shapes and sizes and baked in a kiln to make these clay bricks. These are a little less durable than the above mentioned materials but can be arranged into different and unique patterns. Although they may need to be washed once or twice a year, with good base and a little bit of care these natural material driveway will add a beautiful character to your home. Timber sleepers are also another pocket friendly material to create a unique, rustic statement to your home. These are very durable and easy to install, while they last a really long time with good maintenance.

Every material would have its own advantage and disadvantage. Considering factors like, budget, façade, weather related limitations and other personal limitations would be a wise choice when considering and deciding on the material for paving your driveway.

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