Tips to de-clutter and décor during spring

Spring is the perfect time to deep clean, organize, and declutter your house. All three seem to rely on the other to get a thorough job done, so it is important you cover all three bases in order to get the most function out of your space. Toys, books, paper, clothes: Sometimes the clutter feels never-ending. Take control of your home and your life with these easy clutter-busting tips for the central areas in your house. This is even more essential during the festive season as you entertain more. So why not put your best foot forward and tweak the look of your living area? All you need is to think smart and make simple changes to get your space to open up more and get it party-ready in the process. The better organized the shelf is, the easier it is to access the items on the shelf.

The primary step is to stand back and take a look at the area to see if you really need all of the items you see. Whether you recycle, donate or sell the tossers, each gift will reduce clutter in your organized home — and the excitement of new possessions helps cut the ties to old, outworn items. Get things out in the open. Make space for every little item in the house. A place for everything and everything in its place should be the thumb rule to be used in these quick cleaning situations. Evaluate the desk and counter spaces in your home. While stacking bills, letters and magazines in a pile can clear off a spot momentarily, it is best to file them in their proper place for later reference. By understanding what areas of your home need organization, you’ll be able to build a Spring cleaning agenda that’s best for you and your family in order to maximize your space and declutter your home.
Sort through drawers of end tables. Remove any loose papers, garbage, or unnecessary items. Remind yourself as you sort your items about what you are gaining. By eliminating your collection of knickknacks, you now have 30 minutes of free time that you would have otherwise spent dusting them each week. Whenever you eliminate clutter, you gain more time that can be used to spend with family. As a quick fix to declutter for an evening, consider losing the cabinet and fashioning a makeshift seating arrangement on the floor with colorful flat cushions. You can easily accommodate more guests this way. Free up the coffee table and let it do what it was meant to do in the first place; cutback on those piled magazines, books and other accessories you may have left out there. Organizing and decluttering work as a primitive step for spring cleaning. Spring cleaning helps you rediscover nooks at home that were lost over the course of gloomy winter months. It may be hard to believe but adding things is not the only way to decorate your living room, removing stuff and giving your key decor pieces some space to breathe also does the trick.

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