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In the past two weeks, I’ve been working on a BLE solution as part of a joint effort team in Israel, for the ministry of health.
During those two weeks, I witnessed enormous efforts of technology companies, universities, and technology enthusiasts all trying to stop the COVID-19 epidemic spreading.

I decided to create a list of projects I came across. If you know (or own) any other projects you are more then welcome to PM me on twitter > @gran33


Israel’s Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 Exposure Prevention

Made By: Israeli Ministry of Health (official)
Discussion: React Native app for iOS and Android. …

“The ratio of time spent reading (code) versus writing is well over 10 to 1 … (therefore) making it easy to read makes it easier to write.” — Robert C. Martin

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The naming convention is a very contentious topic. Everyone has their own style when it comes to naming variables, functions, classes, and even documentation.

There is no single or standard way to name your code parts.


“Naming convention is a set of rules for choosing the character sequence to be used for identifiers which denote variables, types, functions, and other entities in source code and documentation” — Wikipedia

The Challenge

“The hardest thing about choosing good names is that it requires good descriptive skills and a shared cultural background. This is a teaching issue rather than a technical, business or management…

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Technologies used for mobile apps development can pretty much be divided into 3 major categories:

  • Native - Java/Kotlin for Android and Objective-C and Swift for iOS
  • Hybrid - Single code base in one language
  • WebView based - Loads HTML + CSS + JavaScript pages

I’ll mainly focus on Hybrid, and more specifically on React Native.

For the past 3 years, I’ve been using React Native for most of my mobile applications needs. …


Ran Greenberg

Mobile Guild Master | React Native fan

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