2014 Gratitude & Blessings

Okay family and friends, here are my thoughts:

  1. Omit regret, for every decision you ever made was at a certain point exactly what you wanted…
  2. Be GRATEFUL, for whatever you plan for, GOD had a bigger BETTER PLAN (TRUST)
  3. LET GO, and let your heart flow with your wishes and will..
  4. COUNT your BLESSINGS, and here are mine:
  5. -In 2014 the person I love most on earth was relieved from any pain or burdens, and she was (thank God) rewarded gracefully by ALLAH and HE gracefully with mercy sent us signs to confirm she is in a much better place! I love you mommy and so grateful you are happy and in heavens isA (I deeply miss you, that would be selfishness not love, I miss you, and happy for you, and I know I will never stop missing you)
  6. -In 2014 I got back TRUE FRIENDS, and made NEW friends, I travelled, worked, met new WONDERFUL people, saw the TRUE COLORS of so many people and was blessed with many awesome ones
  7. -In 2014 I attended new trainings and learnt new things
  8. -In 2014 I managed to LET GO of all those who “said” they would be there for me, and disappointed me BIG TIME during my worst time, where GREAT FRIENDS stepped in and had my back
  9. -In 2014 I was blessed to manage to count my blessings through the pain and instead of saying “I lost my mom” I said “I am grateful to you God for rewarding mommy with heaven”
  10. -In 2014 I was recognized as a MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER by two important telecom companies: VODAFONE then MOBINIL, and by two training providers Impact Training and IMI as well!
  11. -In 2014 I am grateful I started taking art classes, through a friend God sent me as a guardian angel after mommy went to heaven!
  12. -In 2014 I travelled many times and saw new places, I visited Paris (been there with my family before), this time I went to Euro Disney for the first time! I went to Nubia (Aswan) for the first time ever and I enjoyed every minute of it.
  13. -In 2014 I saw myself through the eyes of loved ones, and felt grateful for I felt truly precious and special.
  14. FORGIVE and keep the memories!
  15. Love for the sake of God and expect nothing from people in return, expect only from the LORD!
  16. Have mercy, smile, live the moment and en-JOY every moment you live to the fullest! :)
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