Inexplainable Feelings!

I kept walking listening to my music… keeping it on a low volume to allow myself hear what the waves were saying to me… it was a little chilly, and it was a beautiful night… the sea seemed to be affected by the beautiful full moon and so seemed my energy… I kept walking by the sea on the sand and I would eventually silence my music or take my ear piece out of my ear just to make sure I am not missing the sea’s whispers to me… but i felt you were there… few steps behind me… hesitating… going slow… wanting and not wanting to talk… wanting and not wanting to tell me something… giving in to your feelings and hindering yourself from giving in, all at once… I knew it was you there few steps behind me, I knew it beyond the shadow of the doubt… I felt it and knew it… but again normally, part of me wanted to turn around to make sure you’re not just some kind of a crazy psycho murderer there :))) and part of me wanted to keep walking or running, and another part wanted to turn around and wait for you, look at you and smile and let you speak… simply speak… I found myself slowing down, I found myself waiting for you to reach me… then I stopped and turned to face the sea and you were then coming from my right side… I turned my face your way and you were only like 2 or 3 steps away… I smiled…

“Hi! What are you doing out here now?”

“What are YOU doing out here right now?”

“Hmmm :) Ok! Well the sea is my friend, I had things to tell him and he had things to tell me…”

“And what did you tell him? And what did he tell you crazy sea talker?!”

“That’s a secret between this crazy woman and the sea…”


“And you?”

“Well, no, me, ok, I was just walking around you know…”

“Yeah at midnight! In October! Right…”

“What do you want?”

A little trembling now, not sure if it’s the cold or… “Nothing”

Confidently he repeats: “What do you want?” then in a somehow softer tone “Tell me…”

Still trembling: “Nothing… I told you… I was.. just here to… to tell him.. few things…that’s.. that’s all”

“Right, the sea?! Hmmm… and have you?”

“Have I what?”

“Have you got it off your chest and told him?!”

“I… I don’t… got what off my chest?”

“That thing you wanted to tell the sea?”

“Well, I.. yeah… I guess…”


“And what?”

“What do you call it when you can’t explain how you feel towards people?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean when you have inexplainable feelings? You just don’t know where they came from or how they started and just took over you…”

“It’s normal, we meet people sometimes and just dislike them for no reason and feel guilty for that then later we are proven right, it’s a gift and a God given feeling I believe… And with others we just become friends or click…”

He interrupted me and looked me in the eyes and just said: 
“And sometimes we meet people and we just love them, beyond what words can express… we just simply love them, for no explained reason, we just love them so much that it hurts…and reason doesn’t just comprehend nor is able to explain… just like that… and it’s beautiful, yet scary, just like this firelight! It’s beautiful, it’s warm, but you get too close and it burns you…”

My eyes started tearing up not knowing what to do or say or where to go… His words just penetrated my heart, captured my soul and held me there speechless and he read through my soul just looking into my eyes… for the eyes are the doors to the soul…

We stood there speechless for a few moments… And then he decided to decide for both of us to leave! I wanted to stay with the sea, and carry on my chat with him, I wanted to ask the sea what his thoughts and feelings are towards what he just told me! And more over I wanted us both to stay and I had so many questions to ask… But then in life I learnt that some things are better left unsaid…

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