Self Coaching

A motivational Coach and a Client

I feel stuck, sick and needy

Hmm if that’s how you sound when you feel that way I wonder how you sound when you are feeling healthy, abundant and satisfied!

She giggles
Well I do remind myself to count my blessings, and be grateful… 
1. Actually the fact that we are having this conversation in English when it is not my mother tongue, 
2. the fact that I can use more than one language, 
3. the fact that I can reach you through skype, means that I have means to communicate that are actually rich! 
4. I have a McBook, an iPhone, I have a desk, 
5. I work and my work is actually my passion in life, 
6. I live a good life, 
7. I have light, I have a table lamp which is pink and I love it, 
9. I enjoy my morning coffee 
(although my pain is with me in al these things), maybe that’s why I feel stuck, I want to feel better, and the pain is stopping me?

What else are you grateful for? tell me more please.

10. -I am grateful I can read, write, 
11. I am grateful God uses me as a mean for others to learn or reach something good in their lives, 
12. I am grateful I am working towards omitting judgements on others, step by step and I can see I’ve taken few good steps working on that, compared to myself few years ago, I have progressed. 
13. I am grateful for this conversation.

*How do you feel today?

There is physical pain, which is better now as I placed my massage pillow behind my back, and it helps, 
14. oh I am grateful I have this too! 
There is a smile on my face now knowing that I am rich! and there is the realization that I am still stuck in few things, it is currently a fact though I have faith it is manageable too.

How is it manageable what would you do to elevate your positive vibes and emotions? And what do you plan to do regarding your pain (other than the massage pillow of course)?

I am not really sure, I might watch something funny, listen to some music and write a bit which I love, or maybe color a little, no, I think I’ll write. 
I called a friend who uses methods I so much believe in to help with the pain (EFT, RIM and the Sedona Method),
15. I know I practice EFT, and that’s why i feel I need guidance now.
I should be doing my stretching exercises at home.
I should be calling the Chiropractor to schedule a visit.

So: Emotional Healing, Home Exercises and Chiropractic? What are the steps you have taken in each?

I already scheduled a session for the emotional healing. 
Have not been doing my exercise for 2 days, and still did not schedule an appointment with the chiropractor.

So you do have the first one scheduled! Great! Ok, now let’s think of the two other parts, home exercise first: what would that give you?

-Stronger more lean muscles to help ease the pain and to support the spine, so eventually feel better

On a scale from 1 to 10 how much would exercise help you?

I would say like 7, maybe 8

What stops you from doing it?


You said you stopped only the last 2 days: What helped you do it before?

I have my yoga mat, I know the needed exercises and I felt great to take care of myself and exercise, I think I would restart today

Again on a scale from 1–10 how committed are you to restart today

Honestly 5

What is one thing you can do to make that commitment?

Look at my ultimate goal, begin with the end in mind (be fit and healthy so I can stand up in my training room feeling energized and on top of the world, or sit through a coaching session with no need to get up and walk around like every 10 min, or need to lay back all day), think of the pain through the day and night, that I take pills to sleep the pain away!

So how committed are you to start now?

I think it’s 8!

Ok, what stops you from scheduling an appointment with the chiropractor?

I do not wish to discuss this now, maybe it is commuting to a far away place!

What else can you do to make you feel better, emotionally?

Write :)

How committed are you to do this?

I’ll say it’s 8, I’ll go prepare some coffee, and come back, draw my wheel of life and write my dreams away in colors! And do my home exercises for my back! Thank you! It is actually 10! I will write and keep on writing!

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