Dealing With Assessments

Score 24/30

Assessments always follow us no matter how much we try to run away from them. But learning the luminous tips of solving these assessments from AMAL academy has really made it easier at once. Before I found it difficult to solve an assessment but after acknowledging these rules now I love to solve them. I was always in a hurry to solve a question by completely ignoring the instructions and without reading the question properly and it really had undermined my performance in previous tests. But AMAL has guided me to read the instructions and the questions carefully before solving the questions and it really has proved fruitful for me because mostly correct answer lies in the question statement and if you read it profoundly then there are more chances of landing on a correct option. Second thing I incorporated while doing this assessment is going through the options and if more than one option seems correct then tick all of them without even reading the other options because it’d save your time. I also got a habit of striving continuously with a difficult question but after enlightenment of rules taught by AMAL I leave the difficult question and move on to solve simple questions first and then come back at that abstruse question later. There is also a rule of eliminating options for example you are required to arrange some things in an order according to the instructions and if instructions say that this thing has to be at specific position then you must ignore options which negate the mentioned instructions and exert in solving those options which are according to the instructions. I have done my first assessment after incarnating only a few rules in my mind but I believe I’d be able to bring every single rule in action during my future assessment practices. And I am able to score 24/30 in my first assessment test. I strongly believe that if I can score 24 without any preparation and using AMAL rules for assessment only then I’ll score more than 95% with preparation coupled with these rules.

And I am going to get back again when I’d be able to apply all rules robustly in an assessment to share my experience.

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