Resource Management

  • A ResourceRequest refers to a combined set of resources being requested for a container or Pod. For example, a Pod might request 1.5 cpus and 600MB of memory for each pod instance. A ResourceRequest can be thought of as describing the application services’ “demand” for resources.
  • A ResourceLimit refers to an upper boundary on combined resources that a container or pod can consume. For example, if a pod uses more than 2.5 cpus or 1.2GB of memory at run-time, we might consider it to have gone “rogue” owing to a memory leak or some other issue. In this case, the Scheduler might consider the pod a candidate for eviction to prevent it from interfering with other cluster tenants.
  • A ResourceCapacity specification describes the amount of resource available on a cluster node. For example, a physical cluster host might have 48 cores and 64GB or RAM. Clusters can be comprised of nodes with different resource capacities. The capacity specification can be thought of a describing the resource “supply”.


Load Balancing

Wrapping up




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