Why, As a Christian, I Am (Still) Not Getting on the GoT Bandwagon
Rachel Darnall

I think this has been a long time coming. I had this discussion at a BBQ with another Christian I was excited for GoT he was rather ho hum. I asked why and he stated the sex and violence wasn’t something he considered good TV. It made me think later on like, I didn’t bat an eye at any of it. I felt bad in the context of the story and the emotioal roller coaster it provides. I never once sat down and said hey should I be watching this? Didn’t even occur to pray about it.

I’ve definitely taken that approach with other shows.. 13 reasons why being the most recent and several sitcoms due to it’s content. If I’m honest 5 years ago when GoT started my mind, my spirit didn’t come close to reflecting the the thoughts in this article. Today I grapple with wanting to finish something I’ve put 5 years into, I want to know how it ends. However it begs the question who am I putting first in all things? Reality for breakfast doesn’t always taste good 😂, I appreciate the perspective. Thank you

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