I Am Not A Man
Eric Leong

One idea is to expand the narrow expectations of modern masculinity — to make men vulnerable.

That is a tough sell. In general men have a more strategic mind set and being vulnerable often leads to pain/betryal. So we learn as we grow, who do we share intimate information with, who do we keep out. We don’t want to expose ourselves to people with hidden ill intent.

Us straight males didn’t just decide to not display our emotions one day. We were all young boys naive to the world and it’s harsh realities. Situations happened that were unfortunate and we were able to look back see where we left ourselves open and made sure that door stays closed, until trust is there. That’s the correlation, trust leads to vulnerability. When it comes to the feminine what have straight men learned not to trust?

The suicide rate… that’s really tough. Most of these are young men, who grew up in the girl power feminist era. Are they taking on too much, trying to be vulnerable, trying to embrace the feminine and the publicly accepted version of masculinity? Then find the burden too much too carry. What ever happened to be-yourself? When a straight man finds comfort in silence and being defined by his actions does he need to change who he is? Why?

The underlying issue with everyone regardless of where they fit on these new experimental gender structures is self acceptance.

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