We Don’t Need To Redefine Masculinity
Dave DuBay

Perfect. I am quitting my job after 11 years to become a HS teacher/coach. I will be preaching this message to boys. We are not and never will be defined by the terms that feminists throw at us. Every few years there will be new ones.

They all have the same bland definition that can mean whatever whomever wants it to mean. With Toxic Masculinity I’ve seen it defined as boys’ shouldn’t play rough sports like football and wrestling because its toxic behavior aka (feminists don’t understand why men and boys enjoy aggressive sports. I’ve also seen it defined as criminal behavior like there’s no difference. So instead of accepting a simple fact feminist don’t know everything. Instead of accepting that and allowing people to define themselves (mainly boys) they’d never criticize themselves they just throw out a negative label to shame with. Feminists also know grounded men like yourself and others won’t bat an eye at this non-sense. If they can infect young boys with this then they (feminists) get what they want.

Control. Now these boys have to get permission to be who they want to be. For fear of being shamed and bullied, young boys will never get the chance to be who they want to be. They have to filter themselves through what a bunch of other women say and work with whats left. No boy should ever have to build himself around the feelings of someone else. He should build him self from the inside out, by creating high standards and goals. As he reaches each goal he gains more confidence in who he is. That confidence allows him to hold others to the same standard both women and men around him.

The very nature of this line of thinking smashes the ideals of the (toxic masculinity) accusers for one simple reason. They don’t get to control someone namely young developing boys. I can hear them now (what about rape, and violence and whatever.) Men don’t grow up ignorant of laws, so to assume we all are or will be somehow because of other men is a waste of time.

A young man with high standards that knows what drives and motivates him ( sorry ladies it’s not always going to be you) is at less risk of suicide if any. Guess what else he can handle, rejection, failure, and many hardships that life throws at him. For one simple reason, he knows who he is, and doesn’t need to be defined by anyone other than himself. I will make sure as many young men as I encounter connect with this line of thinking.

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