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The left, liberals whatever we want to call them they are pushing hard to only have one narrative. I can rarely find articles of people I choose to follow. Yet I have to sift through liberal trash for 3–4 days at a time before finally I find something of value. When I say liberal trash I mean people who post articles about their own insecurities and attaching them to the rest of us, as if we don’t all have our own shit to deal with.

I also think about James Damore and how much does his situation parallel Lana? He challenged a particular ideology with facts, just like Lana and people found a way to make it personal so they could silence them.

Then I think about CNN and the big town hall they had with Dana Loesch last week about gun control. The only people CNN let get up on that stage had to ask questions CNN wanted asked. The kids who had real questions and concernes were shunned by CNN. Fake News anyone. The whole town hall was staged to make the NRA the bad guys. Dana Loesch had to be escorted off stage because the crowd was going to attack her. The left, liberals whatever we want to call them have turned into a mob. CNN understands if they can control the information( control the questions being asked) being fed to people, they control those people.

Interesting facts. Right after the town hall banks who did not agree with the life style the NRA promotes closed the NRA accounts. There there was pressure from the public on companies like Fed-ex and other businesses that either invested in or did business with the NRA to cut ties. Didn’t these same liberals celebrate suing a photographer and a florist because they preferred not to do be a part of a gay couples ceremony? Leftist want complete control to enforce their belief system when it suits them. Lastly youtube is following the same model. If you have a conservative voice, you have to pay to keep your page up. However if you’re a lefty no biggie your page will get hits and it wont cost you a thing. It’s sad this is what our society has grown too.

Kevin can you direct me to a site where I can either purchase or read some of Svetlana’s publications and work. I’d rather support someone who is unafraid to speak the truth as they see it, opposed to most of these filtered impressionists that seek to control the narrative on medium.