“I thought you were logical, but you’re still just a girl”
Vanille Jour

Vanille Jour,

I had promised to write about the red pill on medium. I uncovered a site that’s spectacular in not only the red pill, but in how men need to see themselves. It’s a blog it’s been up since 2011, so for me to write anything is rather silly. It’s already been covered in much more depth than I can hope to do. The Rational Male.. that’s the website. It’s a manosphere, few women post there. There’s a troll or two but for the most part this is a place for men to shed their (blue pill) beta mentality. Which means they have to take the red pill and open their eyes to how the world really operates.

I’ll be honest, it hurts. It hurts because the eco system most of us were raised to believe in when it comes to dating and our interactions with women is false. It couldn’t have been more false, that’s a huge shock to most men’s system because a lot of us built our lives around these false teachings. On this blog there are archives, one of them is titled the dangers of the red pill.. I think this is where reddit comes in and just perverts the reality. The RM lays out the mentalities men who take the RP can fall prey to and what to do about it.

You can do what you wish with this knowledge. Read then interpret it to fit your world (which fyi it’s not intended too) then you can bash it here. That’s up too you. That mindset goes against the current social culture existing today. If women approve of it then it’s OK. I’m letting you know, that’s not the mindset at all for this blog and I 100% agree. Men need to stop looking for women to accept or approved of everything they do, and get on with being who they are.

For the record beta males do exist, as well as alpha males. Betas are the men who believe in if-then statements with women. If I just… then women will… wrong. They’ve also been taught to communicate with women like women do. They do this and wonder why they were friend zoned. Most of these don’t understand the vibes they’re putting out and women are merely reacting to them. It’s deeply embedded flaw in many male psyche’s. The fundamental flaw, they also don’t know how women see men. They are so busy trying impress and prove, they’ve forgotten they are the prize. Quite frankly that doesn’t even occur to them. It also illustrates there are different types of alpha males. Somewhere in our culture we’ve found a way to make villains out of alpha males. It’s like they are all washed up pro wrestlers that grunt too much. Barack Obama is an alpha male, he’s a man with an unshakable frame that introduces the right amount of testosterone to what he’s speaking about. Basically there’s a scale, listing different types of men that exude alpha.

Lastly, there is a self help dynamic. This is covered, extensively. They cover married guys, single guys, divorced guys, and Christians. They even go to the extent of telling guys the red pill won’t help fix past relationships, so don’t come here thinking you can pick up some skills then go back to being a beta and have success. Or in other words there’s no such thing as an alpha with a side of beta. The red pill is a life changing moment. I still had/have a ton to learn since I posted here. The Rational Male. Great blog, great archives and a good place to gain some growth, not reddit. I gave my word that I would write something, so here it is.

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