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Dis/ Honesty

Ever thought about why some people are incapable of honesty, and some are more truthful overall? Everyone says “I just want people in my life who will be honest”, but is that what we really want?

Experts say there is an instinctual need for humans to lie. I have even…

Image captured by Kwesi Abbensetts

The madness begins

Sunday evening, I took my daughter to the emergency room at Baylor hospital. We went there for help with her severe dehydration, after she wasn’t able to keep anything down for over 12 hours. This was also having a negative impact on her blood glucose levels. She’s a type-1 diabetic.

Your point of view can save you

For some, the image above represents their stress level. I said for some as if I didn’t choose the image and I’m not included. Of course I am. Some days I barely make it through, but there is always something inside that keeps me going.

I’ve hear people talk about…

Diverse teams are the best teams

She sat behind me typing. She giggled, emitting the low sounds of superiority. Whoever this email is for she is giving them the business! …

A Note From Your Inner Saboteur

Haven’t you figured it out yet? I want the best for you, mostly. That’s why I keep bringing this up. The ideas, the plans, the suggestions are all because I know that you are miserable, and honestly, you should be. I see the look in your eyes when you imagine…

I obsessively checked my phone. Where is the damn reply I’m waiting on? I don’t want to send multiple emails, but I will. Was I rude? Maybe I don’t have a large enough audience. I faced the situation and sent another email, despite my better judgment. …

When you are at the end

You realized what happened too late. — -

Why are you smiling? He sat across from her at the dinner table. She stared into his eyes smiling wryly but inside she was quivering with anticipation.

Is this the straw? …

What’s my next move?

We hurry through life at a pace that is unsustainable. I admit it. On occasion, I rush through jobs, relationships, and anything else that I deem not particularly pleasurable. As a result, I also rush through some important life lessons.

I commit to diminishing this behavior by a minimum of…

I stood there thinking I can’t believe things turned out this way. I am that guy, you know the one who takes great pride in getting it right the first time, and always exceeding expectations. At least I always thought I was that guy.

The week even hell rejected

Ever had one of those weeks…

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Writer, Teacher, Friend. Everyday guy with extraordinary hopes!

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