Writing The Right Things

The writing everyday on here challenge has come to a finish. Part of that is because of how busy I am. Another bigger reason is what I’m directing my energy towards when I write. The challenge was good to get things out of my brain that I have been learning these last couple years. Putting thoughts, insights and revelations into words, but now I need to focus on work I’ve challenged myself to do. Work that feels like it has chosen me to do.

The last couple months I have been working on what we’re calling a vlog-umentary. It’s a story about me coming across a magazine article, through genealogy research, that was written in the late 60’s. The article is about a poltergeist terrorizing my great great Aunt and Uncle who stayed in a small town in Eastern Kentucky where my family came from before moving to Ohio where I was born.

There’s a lot of info to this story. People get interested in it when I talk about it but there’s still so much to do for it. Since I’ve come back to Atlanta, all I’ve been doing is getting back on my feet. I’ve nearly gotten there, but now I’m getting ready for Sketchfest happening in NYC where I’m acting with a company called Sketchworks . Still need to pack, inform more friends I’m coming and figure out what’s happening after all this.

I’ve been very lucky, but also in a place now where I’m focusing solely on myself and what I’m doing. And it’s going well. Remembering to be grateful has helped to generate happiness. Because when you look back on how you got to where you are you can’t help but feel proud of your accomplishments, but also thankful for those friends that helped directly and indirectly.

You also look at the crazy, serendipitous moments that changed everything, or made a situation that much cooler, and are grateful to them.

The last thing I’m leaving, before I go off and figure out narratives and marketing, is this:

Follow the middle way of your heart and mind to happiness. As you practice this, remember to not confuse “comfort” with happiness.