Randall Dang
3 min readFeb 3, 2016

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Randall Dang

If you’re a resident of Vancouver, you’ve probably heard the name “Randall Dang” quite a few times. Randall Dang is very popular in Vancouver for being a trusted and well-respected accountant. However, while Randall Dang may be best known for his accounting services, there is much more to him than just business. Here are 4 interesting facts you may not have known about Randall Dang.

1. He considers himself to be a sterophile. Accounting isn’t the only thing that Randall Dang is extremely passionate about; he is also a very passionate music fan. Randall Dang’s music appreciation goes well beyond casually listening to his favorite musicians; he also has a deep appreciation and understanding of sound quality. As a self-proclaimed sterophile, Randall Dang has a deep passion for high-fidelity sound equipment and recording on tapes and discs. Some may consider him to be “old school”, but Randall Dang knows that this form of sound equipment has a distinct sound unlike some of today’s more modern forms of equipment that cannot be easily recreated.

2. He is filled with Canadian pride. Randall Dang never shies away from showing off his Canadian pride. As an avid sports fan and current resident of Vancouver, it is not uncommon to catch Randall Dang cheering for his favorite teams during any one of their games. One of Randall Dang’s favorite Canadian teams is the Vancouver Canucks.

3. …But he still loves the NY Yankees. Randall Dang’s love and appreciation for all things sports isn’t limited to just one specific region. In fact, it’s not even limited to one specific country. In addition to being a huge fan of all Canadian sports, Randall Dang is also a big fan of the New York Yankees. He enjoys taking vacations to New York in the spring and summer to catch a game at Yankee stadium whenever possible. Even a Canadian like Randall Dang can’t resist America’s most beloved sport!

4. He is an avid photographer. Randall Dang’s accounting clients will all agree that he has a sharp eye for details and the ability to pick up on things most others would never see. However, these skills are valuable for more than just his accounting work; Randall Dang is also an incredible photographer. Whether he’s taking photographs at a sporting event for the Vancouver Canucks or New York Yankees or even just casually taking candid photographs of people coming and going, Randall Dang’s photographs are not something to ignore. He is able to capture beauty, simplicity, and day-to-day life in a way that speaks to and moves people and allows them to focus in on intricate details that often go dismissed or get lost in the busy culture of everyday life.

Randall Dang is more than just the best accountant in Vancouver. He is an individual with character, integrity, and talent. When he is not working he enjoys many of the same hobbies and activities as his peers including music, sports, photography, and more. Which of these facts about Randall Dang surprised you the most?

Randall Dang

Randall Dang is a professional accountant from Vancouver. When not working, Randall Dang enjoys sports, music, and photography.